Das Museum auf dem Felsen
The Museum on the rocks.

Artweb Award Festival

The first international Artweb Award Festival (AAF) with award ceremony for the most innovative artworks of the year on the web

Die Liedtke Skulptur - Gewinnerpreis
The Liedtke

Der Liedtke Winner's prize sculpture signed and limited edition 2017/23

The Liedtke

The story of the AAF is the continuation of the innovations of evolution in the arts, and at the same time removes their barriers.

The Liedtke AAF honors digitally recorded and worldwide available innovations that enrich the world of ideas of all people.

It recognizes the works of the authors who document an evolution in the art history of ethnic groups, nations and peoples, as well as in whose work innovations are manifested that are new in form and content in art history.

The winners and new Leonardo da Vincis are determined once a year by the AAF jury of the Fundacion Liedtke and in December each year at the celebration and award ceremony for their innovations in the digitized works in the various art categories by the competition jury of the AAF in the Museum Liedtke presented in Puerto de Andratx Mallorca and awarded the Digital Liedtke and presented in Grosspojektion of 8 m2, 15 m2 and 200 m2.

Indoor screen (8 m2)
Open air screen (15 m2)
Open air on rock screen (200 m2)

Each year, 23 innovative works and their creators, as well as one explorer, are honored with the AAF Award in the following art categories:

  1. Best picture
  2. Best music
  3. Best short film
  4. Best recitation
  5. Best photo
  6. Best smartphone video
  7. Best PC graphic
  8. Beste music videoclip
  1. Best video real action
  2. Best poetry video
  3. Best sculpture
  4. Best performance
  5. Best body art
  6. Best accessories design
  7. Best fashion
  8. Best invention
  1. Best architectural design
  2. Best film or theatre idea
  3. Best dance performance
  4. Best software idea
  5. Best graffiti
  6. Best street art
  7. Best discovery

Only entries and works of art in digital form that meet the conditions of participation can participate in the AAF.

The AAF and Liedtke Awards are financed and organised by the non-profit Fundacion Liedtke in Port d'Andratx, Mallorca.

The Liedtke
The Liedtke

The Liedtke for innovations

The Liedtke is the visualization of the creation of art, which is awarded 23 times as a digitalized certificate at the annual AAF by the Fundacion Liedtke for the best innovative works of art. The Liedtke was designed as a sculpture in 1979 by Dieter Walter Liedtke.

The original is exhibited in the Liedtke Museum in Port d'Andratx, Mallorca.

Conditions of participation of the AAF Artweb Award Festival International Artweb Award Festival of the Museum Fundacion Liedtke Puerto de Andratx for the best works of art.

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